WTH!? Season Finale


It still feels like yesterday when I wrote this-
I’m starting a Podcast

At the same time, it feels like a long time has passed between then and now. Time is weird during a pandemic.

We just released the last episode of the season for What the HAT!? Where three of us talk about our experience with this experiment! You can also see our beautiful faces 😬

But first things first-

Thank you for listening 🎧. It was amazing to see all the positive comments and responses. You kept us going!

Thank you to all the guests who said YES to this crazy experiment. Thank you for taking a chance on us.

It has been fantastic catching up with all our friends and learning from their stories. I hope it added some value to the listeners.

I have one last ask from you all. If you could fill out this survey, it will help us improve the show for season 2!

We have some great guests from diverse fields lined up for season 2 but need your help to make it even better.

I promise it will take less than a minute to complete-


We also put together a cheat sheet for anyone interested in starting their podcast. You can download it here.

Here is a list of episodes from season 1:

Jay Shah shares his start-up journey, work at Facebook, and side hustles

Virang Jhaveri talks about his journey leading a 5 crores funded startup

Jainam Shah on 3rd generation business, global expansion & balancing goals

Sumit Ranka on Innov8's acquisition by OYO Rooms, Forbes 30 under 30

Prerak Sheth on his fitness journey, losing 50lbs & motivation

Natasha Kanchan on Investment Banking, MBA from Wharton, different approach to business startups

Smit Shah talks about the future of drones in India, working on public policy, and startups

Dhaval Shroff talks about working with Elon Musk, Self-Driving Cars, Tesla and Photography

Prof. Mayur Parulekar talks about his teaching philosophy, future of recruitment, and colleges

Special: The Coronavirus Story

Pooja Ghadiali shares tips for Master students, on joining family business, and sexism in India

Archana Iyer talks about the future of Mixed Reality, HoloLens, and the art of improv theatre

Sujen Shah talks about working at NASA, Data Science, and Space Force

Chirag Mandot talks about Leadership, Data Science, and Education system in India