I'm starting a podcast!

Yeah, that's right 🎙️

I’ve been flirting with the idea for some time now. I even tried and failed to get one launched back in 2018. But this is 2020, and this time it’s official; I’m starting a podcast!

The primary driving motivation behind starting a podcast was to talk to my friends. I’ve been off social media for some four years now, and I’ve lost connection with a lot of good friends.

The second coming of long from audio format is an excellent way to capture-in-time thoughts and processes. I’m fairly certain it will bring a smile on our faces(along with a hint of cringe) when we re-vist this a decade from now. Plus, the ongoing pandemic gave us a perfect opportunity to record in an otherwise busy schedule.

Back in my undergrad, a bunch of us created videos for our college festivals. YouTube was just starting to gain traction in the mainstream. If you search my name on youtube, you might see some of those videos in the search result.

we had a lot of fun making those videos, majorly because of a great team, everyone on there was very creative and talented. Among them were Hiloni and Tapan. And it was a no-brainer for us to team together and started this project!

We started putting things into motion late March-early April, and this past weekend, we launched our first episodes!

We decided to go semi-Nexflix style, dropped three episodes in one go!

The episodes are great in my biased opinion, mainly because the guests have a great story to share. The first three episodes include Jay Shah, Virang Jhaveri, and Jainam Shah.

Jay is currently working for Facebook, where he manages multi-million dollar clients. He is a serial entrepreneur and has some amazing insights into starting companies in Silicon Valley.

Virang is probably the most intelligent person I know. He thinks very clearly and is currently Co-founder and CEO of Picostone, which makes home automation products in India.

Jainam took over his multi-generation family business with annual revenues in nine digits. He shares his journey from a graduate to managing a business and expanding it overseas.

The podcast is called What the HAT!? and is now available everywhere fine podcasts are streamed-

Youtube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor

Click on any of the above. 👆🏻

We’re wrapping up recordings for season 1 and will be releasing episodes weekly.

I truly think there are some great insights that I got to learn, and hopefully, our listener would too!

I hope you would check it out and give us some feedback-

Youtube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor