What was your best/worst money decision for 2020?


Next week will be the 26th episode of the Cold Brew Money Podcast. It will also be the last podcast for 2020.

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months; I’m proud that we didn’t abandon it after gathering initial momentum.

Thank you to everyone who listened. It kept us going!

Tapan and I started the podcast for one simple reason- We wanted to talk about money because our friends and family didn’t. We think it’s an essential component for a functioning adult.

On this last podcast of 2020, we will be reflecting on the year and talk about our best and/or worst money decision. We would love to hear from you as well.

What was the best and/or worst money decision for you in 2020? It could be a stock you invested in; it could be a salary hike because of a project you delivered, maybe buying a house, changing cities, side hustle, reading a book, or listening to Cold Brew Money 😅; basically, anything that affected your finances for the better or worse.

You don’t need to sign your name to it. Feel free to submit it anonymously through this google form-


I will delete all the responses after the episode releases next Monday(28th December).

In the latest episode, Tapan and I share our passive investment portfolio. Reach out to us if you have ideas on how we can improve our strategy!