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Inspired by Derek Sivers, I wrote my Now page

I have been listening to Derek Sivers for a few weeks now. I first heard about him in 2010. I remember watching his viral TED Talk. I bookmarked his TED talk and then forgot about him.

He recently came back on my radar through one of the newsletters, and I discovered his new website and podcast. He is a great interviewee. I resonate quite a bit with what he has to say. Some of his ideas are quite controversial, like he has his version of google photos, his email server, because he does not trust big tech companies to handle his memories.

I subscribed to his newsletter, and I got an email from him in the next couple of days. He mentioned in one of the podcast episodes that he replies to every single email that he gets but did not believe it until I saw this in my inbox.

His website is refreshing. It's minimalist, pure HTML, CSS, and JS. No fancy frameworks.

On his website, he has a "NOW" section. Where he writes not about his background and achievements but what he is currently working on!

I did not know that there is a difference between an About page and a Now page.

I decide to have a Now page for my website.

Here goes-

What I'm doing right now?

(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers)

I make mobile augmented reality features along with mobile games for NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports leagues. 

I have a podcast with my friends. We are talking to graduates from our engineering college and learning new things from them. We've wrapped up recordings for season one, put out eight episodes so far, and are working on the edits of the remaining episodes. I spend most evenings editing them in Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Audition.

Producing two other podcast shows- 
I'm working with my dad to document his 20s and 30s by interviewing his friends and cousins.
The other one is still in post-production and will post it once it's live.

I'm also worshiping one more podcast idea with a friend. More on that soon.

I write about money, tech, and entertainment for my newsletter, Cold Brew (Thank you for reading! Please share it with a friend or family member if you like what you read :) ).

I'm helping a friend build a portfolio of Augmented Reality Filters/Effects on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok for her social media marketing agency.

I'm currently prototyping multiplayer games using React, Socket io, and (maybe) threeJS, also brushing up my CSS.

I'm also pursuing an executive master's in Analytics.

On weekends, I'm helping my friend develop an AR educational game.

These are the books currently on my nightstand- 
The Big Debt Crises(Part 2) by Ray Dalio
The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck by Mark Manson

If you have a personal website, I highly recommend having a Now page. It is not a substitute to an About or Contact Us page.

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