The rule of three

The rule of three.

There are so many different disciplines that have their flavor of "The rule of three."

But the one I want to write about today is a different one.

It's the rule that I use when I want to create or learn something new.

The "new" thing that I want to do, I do it at least three times before deciding anything.

If you want to start painting, paint three canvases, before deciding if you're going to continue.

If you want to become better at public speaking, sign up for toastmasters and give a speech at least three times before quitting.

Suppose you want to learn a new programming language/framework; build three projects in that language/framework.

If you want to meditate, do it for three days before breaking the streak.

Go on a date three times before deciding if you like the person or not.

Sign a contract with yourself for doing it three times. Three is not too much or too little. It's just right.

Deciding if you like it or not only after doing it once puts you at risk of basing that decision with very little information. But doing it three times gives you enough info and a helpful average of your feeling towards that activity.

I've applied that strategy when starting my recent podcasts.

We promised ourselves to record at least three episodes before calling it quits.

The first episode sucked, second got a bit better, and by third, we found our rhythm.

Push until you can overcome the stationary inertia and build that momentum.

Use this rule of three, three times before deciding if it works for you or not. 😅