Shallow Happy, Deep Happy

Choose wisely

I recently learned about “Shallow Happy” and “Deep Happy.”

Shallow Happy is instant happiness but short-lived.

Deep Happy is long-term, but the happiness lasts for a long-time.

Eating an ice-cream is Shallow Happy, not eating it because you’re committed to your health and fitness is Deep Happy.

We had a similar conversation on our recent podcast with Prerak Sheth. Committing to Deep Happy decisions will make you happy every single day.

Deciding to watch one more episode of Tiger King is Shallow Happy, but consuming content that pushes you towards your long term goal is Deep Happy.

Buying penny stock in the morning and selling before the market close to make a quick buck is Shallow Happy, investing to build long-term wealth is Deep Happy.

Next time when you have to make a decision, ask if it’s feeding your shallow happiness side or deep happiness?