My Information Diet

📖 🎧 👀

📖 What I’m reading

  • Gun, Germs, and Steel: I ordered this book because it was one of the recommendations from Charlie Munger himself! It’s not an easy read. I’ve been struggling to read it, not because of the writing style but because it’s not relevant to me right now. I recently finished re-reading Sapiens, and this book falls in a similar genre. I’ll give one more week before I shelf it.

  • The Secret of Social Relative Strength and Stock Picking from Howard Lindzon: “All I do is look for the strongest price relative strength stocks with the least amount of people that SHOULD have interest (retail traders, prosumers, institutions) not ‘watching’ or following the stocks.”

  • WTH!? Insights: WTH!? Insights is a newsletter bringing you the latest episode release, episode notes, and other details from the podcast in a readable format.

  • The Psychology of Money: A great blog post turned into a book—one of the rare books that focus on the biases and non-quantitative variables related to money.

🎧 What I’m listening to

  • The Moth: Short story slams in podcast format. Some of the stories are really funny and some beautiful. I’ve welled up listening to a few.

  • The Armchair Expert - Yuval Noah Harari: Great conversation about the future of technology and society.

  • The Dollar Gujarati: New season of Dollar Gujarati is out! This season is all about Gujarati entrepreneurs in a shorter, fast-paced TED-talk-style format. Each episode covers different aspects of running and operating a startup.

  • Cold Brew Money: This week’s episode answers, “Should you change your portfolio because of the US election?”

👀 What I’m watching

  • Criminal UK (Netflix): Well scripted series with interesting twists. Kit Harington and Kunal Nayyar have cameos in it.

  • Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocence (Amazon Prime): Not bad.

  • The Queen’s Gambit: Meh. I don’t know why the internet loves it? I felt there were a lot of shots of people trying to think. The Chess moves were okay, but the story, acting, and shots were subpar IMO.