My annual mini-ritual

I had my birthday last week.

I don't really have a birthday resolution. I do take some time to watch following videos on my birthday:

How the economic machine works by Ray Dalio:

Probably one of the best ways to summaries business cycles and the global economy. It's a great video because it does not require a Ph.D. in economics to understand what he is saying. Watch it here.

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan:

The epic speech that gives me a perspective to not stress out over small things in life. Watch it here.

Principles for success by Ray Dalio:

A recent addition to this annual ritual is a video series, again by Ray Dalio which was released earlier this year. It's an 8 episode series with a length of about 30 minutes. There is a lot to unpack in this video series, watching it once won't be enough to absorb the teachings. Watch it here.