Mixed Reality, Million Dollars, and Gunshots

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Some of you might already know that I’m involved with three podcasts right now:

We’ve released some great episodes with some awesome people for all the three podcasts.


Archana Iyer

Archana is a Software Engineer with the Microsoft Mixed Reality team. She performs in theatres and does open-mic in the Seattle area (check her out!). Archana also volunteers with Microsoft to help underprivileged girls learn how to code. 

Highlights from the episode:

Cracking the interview process at Microsoft and interview advice for graduate students [15:34] 
Future of Mixed Reality technology [24:34] 
Discussing HoloLens 2 and its use cases [34:03] 
Art of improv and its application at work [39:55] 

Pooja Ghadiali

She worked with Deloitte Consulting Risk and Governance team in Indiana as a consultant and worked there for a year. However, after the brief stint, she decided to move back to India and work on her family business. She currently works as a Director for R-Tech Products & Packaging that specializes in plastic products and packaging. In her free-time, Pooja spends her time watching TV (she is a serial-TV show viewer) and writing stories on her Instagram page, Snug Story.

Highlights from the episode:

Tips for students applying for their Masters [11:12] 
Life in the USA and the aspect of loneliness that people don’t talk about [23:00] 
Transition to India from the US and the “reverse” culture-shock [26:05] 
Issue of sexism in the Indian workforce [34:50]

Dollar Gujarati:

Sunil Nayak

He is CEO of InZenn Hospitality, which owns 25 motels along the east coast. He came to the USA in search of a better opportunity but had to start work as a front desk clerk in a motel.

Learn how he leveraged $25,000 of his savings to own 13 convenience stores to finally buy his first 1.5 million dollar motel.

We will talk about how he survived visa denials, being stranded at the airport on his first day in America, and being shot at in NYC (not once but thrice)!

He has also started AIANA(The Association of Indian Americans in North America) and Chalo India, the institution which brought PM Narendra Modi to the USA in 2014. The annual event held by his institutions sees participation from 30,000 Gujarati's from all over the world.

Dr. Dayal Meshri

Dr. Dayal Meshri is the president CEO of advanced research chemicals, one of the biggest fluorine manufacturers in the world. ARC today has annual revenue above $25 million with clients like DuPont, General Motors, and Dow chemicals.

After working as a research director in a company for 18 years, Dr. Meshri took the plunge to build his own company. In this episode, we learn how he took a calculated risk in his 40’s to accomplish his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Cold Brew Money:

Automating your finances

We talk about:

  • Why you should automate your finances?

  • How to automate your finances.

  • Tools, books, and recommendations for automation.


We talk about budgeting in this episode. We discuss different strategies that you can use to create your budget like:

  • The Dave Ramsey Method

  • The Elizabeth Warren Method

  • 30-30-30-10 strategy

Please reach out to me if you have feedback, comment, and questions! I love hearing from y’all.