Introducing: Cold Brew Money Podcast

We discuss money because your friends and family won't

There are three topics that you should not be talking about at a dinner table: Religion, Politics, and Money.

I don’t agree with the money part.

People who know me and have been reading this newsletter for some time know that I like to talk about money more often than not. That is because I truly believe that financial education is essential. It leads to a better, more fulfilled life. And it’s not rocket science. Even a basic understanding of a few fundamental concepts about finance can go a long way.

That is why Tapan and I decided to launch Cold Brew Money.

Show description:

In this podcast, two friends figure out money as they reach their late-20s. Atit and Tapan have learned by reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and making mistakes. They are here to discuss these ideas with everyone.

There is a stigma around the topic of money, people don't want to discuss finance. We believe it's important to not only discuss finance but also master it.

We will be talking about budgeting, scheduling, investing in stocks, bonds, index funds, valuation, and a lot more all while sipping on coffee!

We plan to release short episodes with light discussion on one “money” topic every Monday.

The first episode is out and is available here:


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It’s our way of journaling our money mistakes and lessons that we learned and will learn.

Please subscribe if you think financial education is important. Also, reach out to me for feedback, comments, and suggestions!