Discussing the Indian Banking System with Dr. Viral Acharya

Youngest Deputy Governor of the RBI

What makes a country great is not one particular credit boom it's really about good growth over 20 to 30-year period on a very sustainable basis.

A few days back, we interviewed Dr. Viral Acharya for our podcast, Dollar Gujarati.

Dr. Viral is a Professor of Economics at New York University’s School of Business. He was the youngest Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) and held the position from January 2017 to July 2019. Dr. Viral has taught at London Business School, before being called back to his alma mater in New York during the 2008 financial crisis. Dr. Viral is an alumnus of New York University, IIT Bombay, and, perhaps most importantly, Fellowship School in South Bombay.

It was fun picking Dr. Acharya’s brain on how India should handle the crises; he shares his thoughts on how India can strengthen its overall banking system and answers the age-old question of should we buy Bitcoin?

His new book is called Quest Restoring Financial Stability in India. It’s #1 in Amazon New Release, Business Accounting list. You can pre-order it here -
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His share of the proceeds from the book will go towards Pratham India: Every Child in School & Learning Well and Pratham USA.

I’ve been reading some of his papers on the topic, he writes very well with very minimal use of jargon. Anyone can follow and understand his ideas. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in learning about the central banking system and macroeconomics. I’ve pre-ordered it can’t wait to dig in once it is delivered.

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