Different types of thinking

Five types of thinking 🤔

Here are five types of thinking that I came across recently-

Short term v Long term:

What do I want now versus what my old self would want?

The time frame for short-term thinking could be hours, days, weeks, or even a few years. Whereas, the timer frame for long-term thinking is in decades.

Short term thinking is all about everyday life decisions.

Long term thinking is about how you want to live your life, buying a house, philosophies you subscribe to.

Slow v Fast:

Daniel Kahneman’s great book popularized the concept of two types of thinking: Fast and Slow.

Fast thinking is all about fight or flight response. Snap judgments. In the moment, decisions.

Slow thinking is more deliberate, logical, calculative. Solve 17 × 24. Parking a car in a tight spot. Thinking of second and third-order consequences.

Fixed v Fluid:

Fixed is rigid; It is what it is, and it can’t be changed.

Fluid thinking involves challenging the status quo and asking “what if” questions.

Analysis v Creating:

Analytical thinking involves dissecting, breaking it down. Critiquing existing product, brand, recipe, software system.

Creating is about making something that did not exist before; it involves imagination and creativity.

Reductive v Expansive:

Also called: Truth-seeking vs. option-seeking

Reductive thinking means hacking away until you can’t remove anything. You’re reducing the options until only the essential remains. First-principles thinking. Boiling it down.

Expansive thinking involves asking questions that lead to more options. Deliberately not answering questions. Questioning the questions.

My favorites are Reductive v Expansive and Fast v Slow.